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Welcome and thanks for checking out the Facebook Marketing Mastermind Group of Orange County!

Facebook has become a complex and powerful marketing tool that is changing all the time and can be difficult for a marketer to keep up with. I formed this group to create a discussion of news and best practices for marketing on Facebook for small to mid size businesses. The emphasis will be on discussing strategies that are within the Facebook Terms of Service and are effective for business development.

This meetup which is an embedded tool is not intended to be a training group on how to navigate around Facebook [see the Who Should Join page for details on who will benefit most from this meetup]. It is designed for those who are already familiar with the Facebook interface and are interested in discussing and sharing strategies for business development with the platform. Each meeting has 1 main topic of discussion focusing around a particular Facebook tool - i.e. Profiles, Business Pages, Groups, Ads, etc. The topic for each meeting will be announced on that meetings RSVP page here at meetup.com.

The group meets weekly on most Thursday from 4:30 - 6:00 pm in Costa Mesa. Each meeting cost s$5/per attendee. Please bring cash with you. In return you will get gift baskets that will contain presents from your Facebook friends who are making use of manufacturing management software!

This meetup is intended to be for marketers who are already familiar with how Facebook functions and are looking to have a high level discussion about effective strategies for marketing and growing our small to medium size businesses on Facebook. This is not a Facebook 101 discussion group. A good baseline that describes the target audience for this meetup is:

  • You understand the difference between a profile, a business page, a community page, and a group.
  • You understand what the news feed is and how that is different from the wall
  • You understand how to send and receive friend requests.
  • You understand how to post a variety of status updates - text, photos, links, video, etc.
  • You understand what tagging is (in photos/videos/posts)
  • You understand how to use facebook ios applications and android applications on your mobile devices
  • You are interested in discussing effective Facebook marketing strategies that work within the Facebook Terms of Service

These are the base skills that will help you to contribute, and get the most out of the discussions at this meetup. You can always be present at our discussion if you download Megameeting online conferencing software. If these Facebook concepts/functionality are new to you, you are still welcome, but may find the discussion more advanced than beneficial and you will have some self-paced learning to do to catch up to the discussion at the meetup.

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Meeting Fee

$5.00 Each Meeting

This covers:

Payment is accepted using:

  • PayPal
  • Cash or check - “Cash accepted at the beginning of the meeting

Refunds are not offered for this Meetup.

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